Our Story

In 2006 the Daniel Webster Elementary School was slated for closure. With one of the poorest populations in San Francisco, many of which were homeless or in housing projects, low test scores and a diminishing citywide education budget, the school had little hope.

That is, until a group of concerned parents stepped in to help save the school. They developed The Potrero Residents Education Fund (PREfund) and launched a two-part plan to revitalize the school: First they helped secure a Spanish Immersion program and then they started a bi-lingual preschool on the campus (PKDW). Four years into the new program we have seen many positive changes…but the challenges haven’t gone away.

The San Francisco Unified School District projects massive deficits next year. That means already bare bones budgets will be even tighter; “non-essential”/ non-classroom teachers will be the first to go and students are the ones who will suffer most. Without outside funding from donors like you there will be:

No Art, No Music, No Dance, No Physical Education, No Computer Specialists, No Field Trips, No Literacy Specialists, No Nurses, No Librarians, No Learning Support Professionals

But we will persevere! Fortunately Potrero Hill and surrounding neighborhoods are home to a wealth of generous, dedicated residents, small businesses and corporations. Together, with your support, we can continue to build the best- little-school in the city.