How We’ll Use the $

Attendees of the event might be interested in how their donations will be used. Here’s a list of the current needs at the Daniel Webster Elementary School.

Next year we have the following programs requested for PTA funding:

  • Playworks ($25,000)
  • Reading Partners ($15,000)
  • Mental Health/Social Services ($30,000)
  • Literacy Specialist ($32,000)
  • Computer Teacher ($35,000)
  • Garden Coordinator ($12,500)
  • Field Trips ($10,000)
  • World Music/Drumming ($8,000)
  • Yoga Enrichment Program ($25,0000)
  • Supplies ($5,000)

Surprising, isn’t it? Even the most basic services are not available to public schools through the state. Our fundraising is just a band-aid to the problem. If you’re interested and concerned, please consider joining a greater cause for public education (post with links to come soon).



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